50 High Points
 Virginia - Mount Rogers (5,729') - November 30, 2003
In my list of completed high points to date, VA's high point is the first one than can truely be deemed a "climb." The route is 8 miles round trip and you gain 1,510' of elevation. But before the planned adventure even commenced we dealt with an unforseen adventure. As we drove up to the parking lot where the trail begins (Massie Gap) we encountered an extremely icy section of the road. One vehicle was already stuck and we managed the same demise. No sooner did we stop when another vehicle rounded the bend the other direction! Thankfully he found the burm and was able to stop before disaster struck. We managed to rescue my car and the park ranger kindly gave us a ride to Massie Gap (2 miles up the road from where we parked). When we descended from Mt. Rogers we were prepared for a 2 mile hike down a long steep icy road but to our complete relief, the ranger appeared to drive us back down! Gotta love those rangers!!
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As we neared the summit we came across some bear tracks!