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 Finger Puppets
Finger Puppets
Finger Puppets
Top picture (L to R): Dinosaur, Bunny, Horse, Pig, Cat, Elephant
Bottom picture (L to R): Horse, Cat, Pig, Elephant, Bunny, Dinosaur

I knitted finger puppets for my two neices (4 and 3.5 yrs old). They weren't such a hit w/ the girls (Polly Pockets and princesses are more exciting) but the parents appreciated them and I enjoyed making them, except for the detail required to make each puppet's face -- thanks to mom and Mike for helping out.

I used 5mm needles and a variety of colors of yarn.

Basic Puppet
Cast on 18 stitches and work 20 rows in stocking stitch before cutting yarn and threading through all stitches. Pull tightly and seam back down back of the puppet. Using contrast thread, sew 2 small eyes.

Ears: CO 8 sts. Work 5 rows in st st. Work 2 sts together at end of each of the next 3 rows. Work final 2 sts together and pull yarn through last st.
Trunk: CO 13 sts. Working in garter st for 5 rows and then BO all stitches. Sew CO and BO edges together.

Nose: Sew a circle under eyes w/ 2 dots inside.
Ears: CO 5 sts. Purl 1 row. Working in st st decrease 1 st at each end of every knit row until 1 st remains. Cut yarn and pull through. Sew ears onto each side of top of puppet.

Ears: CO 4 sts. Work 9 rows in st st, then cut yarn and run through all sts, pulling together tightly.

Spikes: CO 20 sts and work 2 rows in st st. Next row knit 1, (yarn over K2tog) repeat instructions in parentheses, knit 1. Work 2 rows in st st. BO. Fold work in half so eyelet rows form spikes. Attach to back of puppet.

Ears: Same as for pig.
Tail: Same as for elephant trunk.

Ears: Same as for pig.
Mane/Forelock: Cut contrast yarn into a handful of lengths each ~2" long. Fold in half and stitch b/t ears and down back of puppet.

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