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 Ipod Cozy
Ipod Cozy
Ipod Cozy
My friend Stacie liked my ipod shuffle tote so much she wanted one for herself. She advised me her favorite color is blue. I dug through my inventory to find some good scrap yarn of complementary colors.
I casted on enough stitches to result in about a 6" strip.
I worked in stockinette for about 5". This ends up being a 6" x 5" strip.
On a knit row I created some holes: Knit 1, * yarn over, knit 2 together; repeat from * to final stitch, knit 1.
Then I did stockinette for about 2 more rows and binded off.
Fold the piece in half, wrong side out, so the holes line up across the top. Hand sew the sides and bottoms together. Then turn the cozy right side out.
W/ some more leftover yarn I braided a small cord and weaved it through the holes.

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