Welcome! This is the official site to log the travels and advetures of our little travel bug, Roger! To get started, if you've not already done so, please register. Participation requires basic information so that you may receive this little guy. Come back to the page to see a map of where he's been. Once you receive Roger, please log the date of receipt. Once you're ready to send him on his merry way, log the date you sent him. If at any time you no longer wish to participate, simply use the "remove" feature.
The list to the right is the current list of registered participants. When its your time to send the travel bug, select a name from the list to be the next recipient. You do not have to go down the list in order, but please send the travel bug onto someone who has not yet received him (this is all honor system and respect). If you're the last one to receive him, send him onto anyone you like. The list will automatically update and tally how many times each participant has received him.
For any further questions or necessary clarification, please view the loose guidelines.
Happy traveling, little guy!
To see pictures and reports of Roger's visits, visit the sticky thread on JetGirls: Adventures of Roger!