13 Apr, 2014
Spring has (mostly) arrived and yesterday I managed to get Custer and Holly out for a long walk through the local park. During the jaunt I managed to add three more subjects to my color photos project!
9 Apr, 2014
Today was a super fun day for me. Two of my close girlfriends that I knew from my days in Monterey gave birth to their first babies! They were 2 weeks apart in expected due date and they managed to both give birth on 4/9/14 - one was 10 days late and the other was 3 days early. Happy Birthday Scarlett and Jake.
23 Mar, 2014
Really!? Are you serious!? Yes folks, it snowed hard Friday morning (3/21/14), and again this (Sunday) morning. Oh, and its 27 F with a windchill of 15 F. That would be acceptable in January, but its nearly April! So. Over. Winter. So is Playdoh.

4 Mar, 2014
This Winter, wrapped up in one image.

7 Feb, 2014
Its a sad state of affairs when you see that the outside temperature is 6°F and it doesn't phase you anymore ...
2 Feb, 2014
Gonzo has invaded Northeast Ohio! This was the radar imagery Saturday morning (021/01/14) from Cleveland's NBC station, WKYC. I think someone there has a thing for Gonzo.


In other news, now that January has wrapped up, its time to evaluate the month's snowfall. For the most part Lake Erie was frozen, but the strong winds were able to shift the ice pack revealing pockets of moisture that were tapped to aid in the generation of lake effect snow. Akron-Canton airport (CAK) recorded 19" of fresh snow and Cleveland Hopkins airport (CLE) recorded 23" of fresh snow. At both CAK and CLE snow fell on 23 of 31 days! CAK had a stretch of 13 days in a row where snow fell (Jan 15-27). CLE had 14 days in a row (Jan 15-28). For perspective, the averages in January for CLE are 13 days of snow and 19" of fresh snow. The averages in January for CAK are 13 days and 12" of fresh snow. January 2014 easily surpassed the averages.

We'll see what February has in store for us ...