11 Jan, 2015
Happy New Year?! Well we sure hope, but its not really gotten off to a good start. We have been all kinds of sick since Christmas, running the gambit of coughs, colds, food poisoning, and flu. Not only has our house been affected but so has my parents', my brother's, and Holly's sitter. This all has to end at some point, right?
10 Jan, 2015
Back in November 2014, sometime prior to Thanksgiving, Custer began to pester with his right eye. He always solicits face pets but this behavior was excessive. He developed some irritation on his upper eyelid so I took him to the vet. Some dye in his eye revealed he had an ulcer on his cornea. We went through three weeks of conservative treatment but none of them allowed for healing of the ulcer.

At this point Dr. Feeman referred us to an ophthalmologist for a grid keratotomy to get his indolent ulcer to heal. Custer had the procedure done on December 9. We were sent home with a strict regiment of 5 medications, some applied as many has 4 times per day, that we had to keep up for 3 weeks. On top of that, Custer had to wear an e-collar for the duration. 3 WEEKS! He was miserable. After 4 days of the e-collar we found an awesome alternative - the optivizor! While Custer disliked this headgear, too, it proved to be his preference because he could still groom, eat, and drink water without much interference.

Hey, Holly, can you take this thing off for me?

Custer had his re-check just before New Year's Eve. His ulcer had healed! But his eye still has a lot of healing to do from the procedure. The ophthalmologist assured us that within 6 weeks his cornea will be crystal clear again. Until then, Custer looks like a bionic dog that can shoot lasers!
4 Dec, 2014
Root canal!? Yes folks, I have to have a root canal. I take very good care of my teeth so this was a huge shock to me. I visited the dentist earlier this week for a cleaning and general check up. I noted to the hygienist and dentist that my lateral incisor (tooth #7) was tender when I tap it, but otherwise it feels fine. They took an extra x-ray to get a good look at the tooth - all looked well. The dentist did the "cold test". He essentially held ice onto that tooth and waited for me to signal that I felt the cold pain. Nothing. He did the same exercise to a neighboring tooth and I felt the cold pain almost instantly. What does this mean? Yup, my tooth is dead. There is no more blood flowing to that nerve. How is it dealt with? You got it ... root canal! Ugh. Since the tooth is not bothersome for me (yet) I scheduled the procedure for January so I can enjoy the holidays. Happy New Year ... here's your root canal.
22 Nov, 2014
We have decided to disconnect from subscriber television service. Over the years we have been customers of Comcast, Verizon Fios, and DirecTV. With digital HD antennas and a decent choice in streaming media we decided to take the plunge and disconnect. We are doing pretty well utilizing a handful of apps and streaming services, including Netflix, PBS Kids, and Disney Junior. There are some drawbacks but overall we are pleased to not see such a large cable bill!
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