3 Oct, 2014
Repurposing! It only took me 10 months but I finally finished cutting up some old Winter patterned bed sheets to be resewn into dinner napkins. Bring on the holiday meals!
xmas napkins
25 Sep, 2014
Last weekend Holly and I ran a local 5K. The event had a tremendous turn out. That's great for the cause. But not so great for a mom pushing a jogging stroller. They asked all the stroller pushers to start at the back. This meant that I spent all of my energy in mile #1 weaving through and around walkers and slower runners. I couldn't settle into my own pace until the 2nd mile but by then I was cooked from all of the extra energy expended back in mile 1. This was easily my slowest 5K ever.

Lessons learned:
1) Don't run such big events
2) When running events while pushing Holly have no personal expectations
3) Start a good 5+ minutes after the gun time and just race my watch time!

Time: 33:48 min
Pace: 10:53 min/mi
Overall: 477/694
Age group: 32/67
Female: 241/401

Here we are back in June after a 5K and here we are together last weekend!
10 Sep, 2014
Two large Maple trees in our backyard got a "hair cut" this week. Much improved!
7 Sep, 2014
Labor Day weekend of 2013 proved to be a pivotal weekend for the Melchior family. I had traveled to OH with Holly while Mike remained in MD to care for the pets and work his temporary night job. Mike had been out of work with very few leads for a year. With a brand new baby and only one income we were beginning to feel desperate. It was on Labor Day weekend last year that we got the lead for Mike's present job.

Last year during my visit I went to a food truck round up with Holly, my dad, and my brother's family. This year Mike joined and we got to go as our little family. It was nice for me to come back to the event a year later with life looking a little sunnier.

Even though it may not look it, Holly is giggling and happy about being upside-down!
1 Aug, 2014
It is the end of an era. The Vibe-rator is gone. After 11 years and more than 176,000 miles we have parted ways. I traded her in on Monday. Now 5 days later the sadness of departure is hitting me more. Its just a car ... right?

And filling her shoes is a 2012 Subaru Outback! With just a bit more length, width, and height, the green car will better accommodate our growing needs. Moving on up!