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 Shelley's Hot Chocolate Cozy
Shelley's Hot Chocolate Cozy
Myself and a group of ladies at work will take breaks and head to the local Starbucks. While I'm not a coffee drinker I can usually justify the trip for a hot chocolate or even just the company. We always reach for the cardboard sleeves. One day I realized I could knit us all our own sleeves and no longer use the cardboard ones! I grabbed a bunch of scrap yarn and got busy!

I used US size 6 needles and variety of yarns/weights based on each woman's favorite color or taste. As a result, each cozy was slightly off in size, but overall they still fit a standard paper coffee cup. For Shelley's cozy (mine) I used a yarn that was hand spun by my sister as a gift several years ago.

Cast on 34 sts; k1 p1 for 5 rows.
Row 6: k1 p1, increasing one st on each end of needle (36 sts).
Row 7-10: work in stockinette stitch (row 7 knit, row 8 purl, row 9 knit, row 10 purl).
Row 11: k increasing one stitch on each end of needle (38 sts).
Row 12: p.
Row 13-17: k1 p1.
Row 18: cast off loosely in k1 p1.
Fold in half w/ wrong side facing out and sew the seam to form the tube.
Sew in loose ends.
Flip right side out and use!

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